Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Week of Sydney - Day 2

Sydney was born January 20, 2006 at 01:18am at 36 6/7 weeks. My mom, stepmother Diann and my good friends Jena, Annie and Nerissa were all there for Sydney's arrival. I was 4cm when I got admitted on the afternoon of 1/19, sort of in labor. I had 2 fabulous nurses Vanessa and Karyn. I got an epidural, my water broken, a little pitocin and after pushing for 2 contractions there she was. I can't even describe what it felt like seeing her face for the first time. She was so beautiful, and believe me I was wondering what she would look like since I only had a description of her donor (there were definitely jokes made during labor about that, for example did I get what I ordered ;). I wanted her for so long, dreamed, planned, obsessed and she was finally here. She was mine! It was so surreal to be on the other side because that is what I do everyday, help bring other peoples children into the world. It still feels like a dream sometimes. Going through pregnancy, labor, delivery and seeing her beautiful face for the first time is the single most amazing thing I have ever been through in my life (thanks everyone for putting up with me I know I wasn't very fun to be around when I was pregnant!). Being Sydney's mom is the most rewarding, challenging, and wonderful gift I have ever been given. Every day I look at her and think wow, how lucky am I.


Jamie Smith said...

Such a sweet story!

DaniKel said...

I love to hear you talk about Sydney. It is obvious in your words just how much she means to you - that she is your pride and joy!

I love the slide show! All the emotions that are shown in the pictures are truly priceless!

Kristin and Scot said...

What a beautiful birth story!