Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fun pictures of Hayden

Well just so you know I took these pictures so I didn't spend a dime! I took some cute pictures of Sydney with bunny ears when she was a baby so I had to do the same with Hayden and then she was in such a good mood that we did a couple of outfit changes! The story behind the onsie is that they are actually Sydney's footprints when she was a baby. I made the onsie for my friend Kristi at her baby shower for her first baby Corbin. Then her second baby Keeley also wore it then it was passed on to Hayden! It actually says Sydney's best friend on it. She was about 7 months old when I made it. It is a special treasure for many reasons that I will keep forever!


Easter was pretty low key at our house this year because we all had the plague for the second and third times! Seriously this is getting very old. Nana and Sydney colored easter eggs while I slept because Hayden was sick and I never sleep well when one of them is sick. The easter bunny did his thing on sunday morning and that was pretty much that for easter for us.