Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mommy points

This is kind of a sad confessional post. I have never painted Sydney's nails. I know, pretty sad. Sydney's babysitter Hibah painted her nails last week and she was over the moon. When the nail polish started to wear off she was so sad. "Mommy, my nail polish go away!" She was heartbroken. So I decided that I better get with the program and polish the kids nails. So we finally did it tonight. Boy did this one get me some serious mommy points. Keep going I have added 3 other posts!

Gingerbread house

Sydney and her Nana made a gingerbread house today. It was comical to watch! I just took pictures and laughed. Boy did they make a mess, but they had fun doing it. I think that it was alot harder that my mom thought it would be. I also included a picture of our finished Christmas tree.

Black Friday

My uncle and I got up bright and early for the craziness of black friday shopping. I confess, I love it. It is an experience for sure. I spent more money on myself than on Christmas presents. I only have 3 more gifts to buy and I am done!!! After we got back from shopping we decided to put up our Christmas tree. I really wanted my mom to be a part of all the excitement. Sydney went crazy. She was so excited.


We had a great time on Thanksgiving. My mom and my uncle came to spend it with us. We had a wonderful dinner including a fabulous turkey thanks to a recipe from Kristin Zee (with a little help from Martha Stuart). We also had my grandmothers famous (to us anyway) stuffing, cauliflower with homemade cheese sauce (yes I can actually cook if I try), mashed potatoes and gravy (again thanks to Kristin), sweet potato casserole (pretty much the best thing I have ever eaten especially involving sweet potatoes), rolls and of course pumpkin pie. It was all great and I ate way to much. It was really nice spending the holiday with my family, even though there were a couple of empty places. Sydney was of course the center of attention and loved it.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sydney's busy month

Well Sydney had lots of fun in the last month. We went to the Wildlife World Zoo with Adia and Di a couple of weeks ago. The girls had a blast. Sydney is still taking swimming lessons every Wednesday with her teacher Miss Gigi. She has really taken off. It amazes me how well she can swim. I am so glad I started this now. Even if she got nothing out of it but water safety it would be worth it. We also have the side benefit of her loving it! Our busy month also included a trip to the Zoo with Kristi, Kristen, Nerissa and all of our rambunctious children. It was an adventure! Everyone had so much fun and all of the kids were really well behaved. The moms also got in some good exercise chasing after the kids (we were outnumbered!) and pushing the strollers up all the hills that the geniuses that designed the zoo thought were a good idea.

Swimming lessons.

Sydney and Adia at the Wildlife World Zoo.