Sunday, May 23, 2010

Preschool Gradustion 2010

Sydney graduated this week from preschool to ..... preschool! Yes we are very excited because she is now a preschool leader. Also known as we don't want to leave out the kids to young to move on to kindergarden. It was so cute, all of the kids with their little graduation caps. We got a memory book that her teachers made. They had projects that she had done over the year and also assessments from the beginning to the end of the year to show how much she has learned. Her teachers are wonderful and Sydney is lucky enough to have Mrs. Arriaga again next year. They are both moving to a brand new school right down the street from our new house.


Jamie Smith said...

That makes me smile!!! Congrats to Miss Sidney

DaniKel said...

Congrats to the graduate on being promoted to Preschool! lol That is so cute that they do that!

When I clicked on it, and the music started, Caelyn could hear it, and although it is not my ringtone, she shouts "Mommy's phones ringing!" Silly girl!