Sunday, May 2, 2010

4 month update

Hayden loves her bath! She goes nuts and kicks and splashes. Note the look of concentration on her face!

So Hayden had her 4 month well check last week and she is doing great! She is 13#6 and 25 inches long. She is a rolling machine and has really started using her hands. Her toes are pretty cool too! She smiles all of the time and drools all over every thing including her sister (she happens to think it's pretty gross but still loves all over her). I have decided to delay vaccinations with her until 6 months and her doctor was supportive of my decision. She will get one vaccine a month after she turns 6 months. We will see what happens. Funny little side note though, the Tylenol I have her before her seizure was just recalled for the concentration being wrong. Makes you wonder. Now Sydney on the other hand has had a really rough month. We have all been sick for months and she has had this persistant horrible cough that would not go away. I pretty much chalked it up to a virus until Kayleigh (my friends 3 year old for those of you who don't know her) was hospitalized for RAD (restrictive airway disease - or what they call an asthma flare for those who have not been officially diagnosed). She learned that one of the top signs of asthma is persistant cough. So I started wondering if all of this coughing was something more than just a lingering cough from the 3 colds we had in 2 months. So I finally took her to the doctor and low and behold she was diagnosed with asthma. She was started on singulair and after no improvement her doctor added an allergy med which also didn't help. So last saturday she got really bad, I took her to urgent care. The doctor there started her on a round of steroids which we finished on wednesday. She also now has an inhaler for when the cough gets bad. So 2 doctor visits an 1 trip to urgent care I think she is on the mend. Hopefully with the inhaler I can nip her cough in the bud before she gets to the point she was last weekend. Thank goodness for insurance because I paid $200 for copays and perscriptions in a week and a half for her. Imagine what it would have been. Oh and in other news we bought a new house!!!!!!! It is in Goodyear and right down the street from a brand new elementary school in the Litchfield School District. We close on the 20th and will probably move the first week in June! It is 3000 square feet which is double what we have now! We will actually have room! I will put up pictures when I get some.


The Montoyas said...

Glad to hear Syd is doing better! It is really crazy that so many of us are dealing with this! Maybe we should start a support group where we meet at regular intervals to have drinks and discuss current treatments?!?!?!

onemorebaby said...

Hope the kiddos get (and stay!) healthy! Congrats on the house!!! Can't wait to see pics!!

Rissy Roo said...

There aren't many people the pollen hasn't reached. Bryan is nearly 40 and newly diagnosed with Asthma too....really!?!? Doesn't everyone just have really bad allergies!?!? Looking forward to pics of your new pad!