Thursday, March 4, 2010

Silly Sydney and Huge Hayden

Sydney is so silly sometimes. The picture of her is from swimming lessons yesterday. Today we were discussing here career asperations (they had career day at school recently) and she told me that she wants to be an ice cream scooper (what can I say we love Baskin Robins) or an ice skating princess. It is good to have goals for your life ;) Hayden is doing wonderful. Totally back to normal after her crazyness in the last couple of weeks. I am so relieved and grateful! These pictures are from today in her bumbo seat. She is getting so big! The one in her high chair (thanks friends) is from a week or so ago. Is my girl tall or what! Check out those blue eyes.


Chrissy and Jason said...

Hayden is just beautiful Shannon! Love Sydney's hair, looks like a sea monster :)

Rissy Roo said...

Those cheeks are pretty darn cute too!

TJ and LaChae Booth said...

Oh my goodness, so much has been going on! I was teary eyed just reading about it. I am so glad everything is ok. We are definitely thinking of you guys:) Your girls are just beautiful! Miss ya!