Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hayden 2 months - first trip to the ER

At her Dr. Appt
A few short hours later.
The wonderful Kristi!
Feeling better!

This is what I was working on yesterday afternoon before everything went to hell!

Hayden is growing like a weed, cooing and smiling like crazy. If I wasn't completely in love with her already, having her look me right in the eyes and give me a huge gummy smile, that would do it! We went to the pediatritian today and she was 10# 8 ounces (50%) and 23.5 inches long (90%!).She is such a wonderful baby and I feel so very blessed that she joined our family.

Hayden got her 2 month shots, she slept for a while and when she woke up around 2:30 I could tell she wasn't feeling good. About an hour later she started getting a fever. I didn't take it because her doctor said that giving tylenol for low grade temps after immunizations can interfere with antibody formation. That's why she got the shots in the first place right? I could tell it wasn't very high then so I just went with it. Then around 6 pm she started getting really warm. I took her temp then and it was 102.4. 10 minutes later it was 102.6 so I gave her tylenol at around 6:30. 10 minutes later it was 103. OK I am starting to not like this so much but she just got shots so I kind of expected it. Then at about 7 she had a seizure. It took me a minute to figure out what was going on. She went completely stiff with her head turned to the right and her eyes rolled back to the right. It lasted for about 2 minutes. I just looked up at my mom and said I think she is having a seizure. I was holding her when it happened. She was non responsive for about 20 minutes afterward. Talk about scary. My nurse self was warring with my mommy self. Mommy - Should I call 911? Nurse - no it is just a febrile seizure, kids get them all the time but you should call the doctor. So I did. She said because of her age she need to be seen in the ER. So off I went to Phoenix Children's Hospital. My mom had to stay home with Sydney. I got to PCH around 8:45 where I would bet money that I was the only one in the room that had to pay for insurance. My wonderful friend Kristi showed up at about 10 and I think we got into a room about 10:30. Because of Hayden's age they take the fever and seizure very seriously. So they checked her urine and blood for infection and I knew what was coming next. A spinal tap to check for meningitis. Sydney went through the same thing when she was a baby. I had it in my head that I was going to refuse it. She had shots today right? It just has to be a febrile seizure. Then the Dr came in the room and said that febrile seizures are very rare in babies Hayden's age. That meningitis and an underlying seizure disorder was more common. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, meningitis can kill babies - that was the first thing I thought. A seizure disorder would be horrible but meningitis kills. She was just so lethargic and really not the same baby. So I let them do the spinal tap. I wouldn't let them do it without me there though - they kicked me out for Sydney's. I don't know what was worse being there or not. So we both cried. Kristi stayed with us for all of this. I wouldn't have made it through all of that without her! Thank you Kristi! Everything thankfully came back normal (of course it did right, she had shots!!!!) We were discharged about 4 am. She has to follow up with a neurologist to make sure that she doesn't have a seizure disorder. What a night. Hayden seems much better this morning. She is smiling again. Thank you to all of my facebook friends and all their prayers, I really appreciate it!!!!


The Montoyas said...

Good grief! What a scary ordeal! I am glad that Hayden is doing better! Those are some pretty cute pics- despite the IVs etc!

Nikki said...

wonderful news! Aren't we so lucky to have Kristi?!?

Montana's mom said...

I am glad she is OK. Praying all comes back well on the check-up.

Wendy said...

How frightening!! You must be grateful though that you had the intuition, knowledge and experience to handle the situation.
I'll be thinking of you as your appt approaches next week.