Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sydney's 5th Birthday!

My sweet girl is 5!! I can't believe it. We spent her actual birthday having family time and then on the 23rd we had the big party! Sydney had a wonderful time with all of her friends. She is such a big kid now. Her little baby face officially gone. As much as I miss her being little I love watching her grow and learn. Her little brain is an amazing thing. Happy Birthday my love!


Ginger said...

leave it to Thie's baby girl to knock the pinata down. Love the pink and all the girly stuff. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter.

Jen said...

Happy Belated Birthday sweet Sydney! I love the new pics of the girls!

DaniKel said...

I can not believe that she is 5 - Seriously?? FIVE?? How did that happen?!!!

But, I have to say, that she is the most beautiful 5 year old that I know!! Well, ya know - that I know but don't really know - haha :o)