Sunday, September 12, 2010

Random pictures

Auntie Kristen trying to love on Hayden, and Hayden just wanting Mama!

Hayden and her friend GG (who is 4.5 months older by the way)

The girls playing dress up. Sydney was so excited to have her sister do her favorite thing with her!

Sorry for the lack of updates! No good excuse really. Well the girls are great. Sydney is doing wonderful in school and absolutely loves it! I really hope that it continues. Hayden is a crawling machine and about a week ago started pulling herself up on EVERYTHING! I am quite terrified that she is going to walk soon. I am so not ready for that. The girl isn't quite 9 months old yet! Well here are some random pictures from the past few weeks. They are kind of out of order sorry.


The Montoyas said...

Hayden is soooo cute! Those eyes of hers will get her anything she wants in life!!!!

DaniKel said...

Ok - so I just want to kiss her - Hayden is even more adorable than the last pictures you posted! I love her! Just love her! And I love that Sydney plays dress up! Just love it! And the picture of the 2 of them playing - priceless! Poor Caelyn is surrounded by boys - she needs us to be near you guys so she can play dress up with your girls! Maybe we will have to plan a vacation that way some day!! Kiss both of your beautiful girls for me!!