Friday, July 10, 2009

My Fashion Girl

I have been so bad about blogging! Sorry. I will try to be better. So the last post left off with the less than excited response to Sydney becoming a big sister. Well the very next day I think it sunk in. She is so excited about baby sister (she's ok if she turns into a baby brother too) She talks to the baby all of the time, hugs and kisses my belly. Even when I am at work and call her she talks to baby sister. I am so happy she is so excited. Though the reality of an actual baby will be interesting to watch. She loves kids and babies so I think she will adjust pretty well.
We went to a couple of daycare centers yesterday to try to find preschool for her. There are pretty slim pickings in that area around here so we have no choice but go the daycare route. Sydney was so exciting (her words) about preschool and can't wait to start. One of the schools we toured had all the kids in a classroom and Sydney just joined right in. She sat down at the table like she belonged. When I told her it was time to go she was so sad that she started crying. She didn't want to leave! I think she is past ready for preschool and will do wonderful in that environment. Anyway here are some recent pictures of her!

Pirate day and birthday party at summer camp.

Tea time at Jake's birthday party.

So Sydney had decided that she is a "fashion girl". Those are her words. She is still obsessed with dressing up and wearing her high heals all day long. This little jewel she picked out for us last night. Those are my socks from back when toe socks were cool.


Jamie Smith said...

I love the her imagination. It will be so exciting for her to make new friends and learn new things at preschool. The person who has the hardest time making this transition is :)

Chrissy and Jason said...

Love the socks. She looks like a blast to have around:)

Wendy said...

She is going to absolutely THRIVE in preschool. And my gosh does she get more beautiful by the day!!

Thie Family said...

I love the princess tea party pic! ps. When were toe socks cool?

Rissy Roo said...

She is going to LOVE LOVE LOVE preschool and all her synaptic clefts are just going to blossom!

DaniKel said...

Sydney is just tooo freaking cute! I just love love love the toes socks! I posted a pic awhile back ago of Gryfinn with the toes socks! Too funny!!

I knew she would get excited!

How are you feeling? I saw on your ticker that you are 17 weeks! SEVENTEEN!! I can't believe it! I am so excited! I sure wish we lived closer - I am SO gonna want to get my hands on her when she is born! ;-)

Which would probably only make me want another one even more! But, I think we are done. We are out of space, out of money, and out of donor. haha

Big big hugs to Sydney, belly rubs and pats to the little one (any names in the works?) and much love to all three of you!!