Thursday, October 2, 2008

My sweet girl

Not much going on at my house, hence the lack of blog updates. I thought I would put up a couple of pictures that I took recently. She is getting so big! Her hair is getting long, not that you can tell when it is dry. Anyway, enjoy the pictures!


The Montoyas said...

She is so precious! Love that hair!!!

Nikki said...

Hi Shannon!
First of all... thank you for pretending to think that I am funny to make me feel better. But, I am keeping a tally to show my husband... so tell all your friends to leave the same comment!
Second, your baby with the adorable red hair. I absolutely love it. She is so cute. The pic with her and "her baby"... darling

DaniKel said...

Sydney is just getting so big! I love how long her hair is!!

Rissy Roo said...

Sleeping babes are oh so sweet! Tanti baci (italian for - many kisses) to you both!