Sunday, August 3, 2008

My stepfather

My stepfather Luis passed away 3 months ago. I loved him because he loved my mother and because he completely adored my daughter. I think that it caught him by surprise how much he loved her. He called her his Genevieve and sweet pea and Sydney loved her Tata as much as he loved her. He was diagnosed with cancer last summer and lost his battle on May 3. I was there when he died and as horrible as it was to watch it was also beautiful. To see him surrounded by the people who loved him. My mom was so brave and strong. I just really wanted to remember him today and show everyone some pictures of him and Sydney. Luis absolutely hated having his picture taken and would turn away from the camera, except when he was with Sydney. He would grumble but he would let me do it. He will be missed. My mom and I will make sure that Sydney never forgets her Tata.


Thie Family said...

Such a sweet post. Thank you for sharing the pictures. It was nice to put a face with the stories.

Kristin & Scot said...

That is a wonderful post! Glad I got to see a picture of him.

DaniKel said...

I am so very sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to go through. It has been almost 11 years since I lost my Dad, and we just lost a very dear friend in January. I believe the best way to grieve a loved one is to honor them. And I feel that you did a great job honoring him in your blog.